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Security is above all.

Protecting your money and privacy is our number one goal.
Kasa kapısı

Papel adopts a comprehensive approach to protecting your investments. Our expert team has developed a range of complex measures to prevent money or information theft.

Of course theft is not the only threat. As a professional change we offer financial stability with full reserves, healthy banking relationships and the highest legal compliance standards.

First Class Security Team

Unique Crypto Security

We have created a global team of senior security experts who take a risk-based approach to ensure the highest level of protection of our customers assets while providing exceptional performance and a unique customer experience.

Our team has decades of experience creating security programs for the world's top brands, researching the biggest consumer data breaches, developing security technology that millions of businesses rely on and discovering vulnerabilities in technology that billions of people use every day.

Our Infrastructure Security

Papel use top security and services. What are we promising?

Special Compliance and Risk Management Functions

Papel identify risk management officers who implement compliance policies and procedures. These officers conduct regular internal examinations to ensure that fully complies with all legal requirements.

We have maximized basic security features in our application!

Papel Application Security Features

Secure Coding

Software developers monitor the Secure Software Development Lifecycle and our code is also evaluated using a combination of static source code analysis tools..

We have full-time employees to check the quality and logic of the code.

We have received external audit certificates from Quantstamp and Certik for our smart contracts.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

  • Password
  • Biometric identification
  • E-Mail Verification
  • Phone verification
  • Authenticator

Withdrawal Protection

Mandatory listing of the external address with e-mail verification.

Use of Identity Authenticator (2FA) in Transactions

SMS Verification

7/24 Live customer support

You can forward any information and services to Papel Contact Center via Live Support, and you can get instant information by messaging the customer representative online, just as you can meet on the phone.