In a simple way, after tagging people who visit the site, it can be defined as encountering promotions and ads of the other site on all other sites they visit.

Users who leave the promoted site with this service content can be allowed to return to the site again. In this type of marketing, users can be reached through factors such as e-mail, SMS or push notification. It will not give what members are asked to leave the site without taking any action. In this context, with this service, it is aimed to make the site attractive again for users by making advertisements through different social media channels.

About Remarketing Service

The Remarketing service can be provided so that users can perform the purchase action by returning to sites that they have previously entered but have not performed any action. When the right strategies are developed, this tactic will ensure that positive results can be achieved. In order to perform this service, users' keyword and IP information are accessed.

This information will be stored in the Google robot's archives. Archived information during each transaction made on the internet by a user who has not performed any action on the site will be revealed with their visuals. Reminding the customer of the site will increase the likelihood that the purchase will be made. The use of cookie-based technologies in this service will allow you to track the network by creating javakript code.

The Remarketing Code can be placed at points of attention on the website, while it can also be placed in the baskets section or in all categories. By making reminders to users through this code, a marketing network is created that encourages the user to buy. There are several important elements that need to be considered in order to achieve effective results in the Remarketing service. By paying attention to these elements, the correct creation of the strategy will be able to ensure that it is effective in its results.

02 Remarketing

Considerations For A Successful Remarketing Service

In order to have a reminder effect on potential customers with the Remarketing Service, clear goals must be set first. In this context, goal determination should be made in the light of specific and concrete data. The ability to increase site traffic before the Remarketing Service, undertake promotion of the brand name, and check the history of site visits will also positively affect the success that will be obtained from this service.

In order for this service to be created, it will be necessary to review site visits and determine the target audience. The target audience can also be determined by the information of the members in the database of the site. Determining the target audience will ensure that the most appropriate customer can be directed to the site. In order to ensure re-entry to the site, several different and original options should be created in the content of advertising and messages. At this point, especially the inclusion of personalized advertising and message content can increase returns.

The Remarketing service should not include extremism. Continuous use of advertising and message content will be able to create a reverse reaction in users. In this sense, advertising should not be exceeded by creating a certain standard and the user should not be unnecessarily overwhelmed. This service can be more efficient when used together in several formats, not just in one format. In order to be able to make a point shot, it would be a strategic move to include email, social media and search in remarketing in the service.

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Admob Advertising

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