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Improve Your Portfolio with Automated Crypto Trading

Başlık kahramanı

Crypto Investment Performance Review

Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Different types of investment sits at different degrees of risk, and there is no assurance that a particular investment, investment strategy, or future performance of the product will be profitable, that it cannot be equal to the specified performance, or will be appropriate for you. You are solely responsible for determining whether any investment, investment strategy, or related transaction is appropriate for you, depending on your personal investment goals, financial conditions and risk tolerance.

How does it work?

  • Neutral quantity trade

    • You can access automated transactions with a minimum of 20 EURO.
  • You can trade with any cryptocurrency.

    • When the market is expected to move downwards, the money in your Portfolio returns to the cash environment.
  • Adjust your Papel panel to your personal preferences

    • Choose between a controlled, balanced or fast growth portfolio
  • Keep track of your investments on one screen.

    • Strategies are optimized for a minimum retention period of 3-6 months.
  • Pay at any time

    • Don't pay commission.
  • Make more money with Crypto.

    • We do not charge an entry, exit or management fee.