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What is Bitcoin?

• Bitcoin is a completely digital currency that offers us a new payment system. It is the first peer-to-peer payment method that does not have an owner and a central authority and takes its power from its users. If we look at it from the perspective of a user, Bitcoin is like shopping on the internet.

Who controls the Bitcoin network?

• Nobody has the e-mail technology and nobody has the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin is controlled by all Bitcoin users. Although developers add to the software, Bitcoin users are free to choose the software and version they want. All users must use software that follows the same rules to be compatible. For this reason, all users and developers act in consensus.

Do people really use Bitcoin?

• Yeah. The number of people and businesses using Bitcoin continues to increase. By the end of 2019, the total value of all bitcoins in circulation has exceeded $145 Billion Euro, and millions of dollar bitcoins are bought and sold in one day.

Is it easy to pay Bitcoin?

• Paying with Bitcoin is more practical and easier than paying with credit or debit card. Payment can be received even if the seller does not have an account. Payments can be sent to the wallet software on your smartphone or computer by entering the payment amount and recipient information.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin?

• Convenience of payment - It is possible to make or receive transfers anywhere in the world, anytime, anytime. No working hours, no special occasions, no limits, no mandatory limits. It offers Bitcoin users full control of their assets.

• Very low fees - Bitcoin payments are made without any payment. In addition, there are processors like Papel that help with transactions that take place at the moment. Bitcoins can be converted into legal currency and you can accumulate these revenues directly on your trusted sites.

• Less risk for sites - Bitcoin transactions are safe, It prevents stores from losing money due to fraud and similar reasons, and there is no need for PCI compliance. Thus, traders can open up to new markets where there are no credit cards or fraud is very common. The result is low wages, wide market and very small administrative costs.

• Control and Security - Bitcoin users have full control over their transactions; It is not possible to experience undesirable situations in other payment methods. Bitcoin payment is also made without showing your own credentials. This is the most important firewall that is impossible to overcome against identity theft. Bitcoin users can also secure their bitcoins by encrypting or backing them up.

• Transparent and neutral - All content related to the Bitcoin asset is ready for anyone to verify and use it in the blockchain. No organization or person can go to change, control, or manipulate the Bitcoin protocol because it has a very strong security, cipher. This makes Bitcoin essentially neutral, transparent and sustainable.

Can I earn money with Bitcoin?

• Yeah. Anyone can earn money with Bitcoin by mining, exchanges or starting new businesses or trading.

Is Bitcoin completely virtual?

• Bitcoin is as virtual and real as the credit cards and online banking system that people use every day. Bitcoin can be used via the internet, as well as spent in real stores such as credit cards.

• Bitcoin is spread across a large network and has a system that cannot be changed by anyone through fraud. With other discourse, it is impossible to disappear just because this money is virtual.