Commercial Video Shooting

Short films produced and made using newspapers, banners, television, magazines and the internet of the company itself, its services or products.

Because the purpose of advertising films is to sell a large number of products, films should reflect the real situation and not mislead customers. In addition, the advertising film should be perfect. The duration of the film should not be too short. Also, the fact that ads are engaging will increase the number of viewers.

Advertising films should include images and images of the product. These images should be supported by voice-over about the relevant product. In order for advertising films to be of high quality, they must be produced by people who know the business. These are usually agencies. The advertising agency prepares the appropriate scenario for the product and starts shooting advertising videos according to this situation.

Commercials often play on television channels. But today, ads are also published on social networking sites. The proliferation of these social networking sites has also had a significant impact on the advertising sector. By reaching a much wider audience, the company facilitates the recognition of products or services.

01 Commercial Video Shooting

Commercial video shooting and highlights

There are some important points to consider before and after shooting the ad video. Too long or too short ads can be both catchy and boring. For this reason, attention should be paid to promoting or informing in the right time in a correct and understandable way. It should be shot in Full HD or 4K quality. In the background, there should be music or vocalization. Short and interesting sentences should be selected in vocalization. Editing, effects, and color settings must be made.

According to the content of the message or subject, the shooting scenario is written, and work is also started in accordance with the shooting schedule. Many camera systems, light, sound systems, drone shooting equipment that carry the quality of today's technology are very high quality advertising video shooting.

After the filming of the ad video is completed, it is served and broadcast on television and social media platforms.

How To Shoot Advertising Video?

Ad video shooting can be completed as a result of a certain process. In this process, first of all, a meeting between the customer and the agency is held and information about the product, service or company is taken and then the target audience and Sunday are evaluated. In this way, basic ideas begin to form and alternatives are evaluated with fiction works.

After all these studies, the script is created and the music, effects studies, creative team determination, cast selection preliminaries are completed.

Advertising film is made in an extremely laborious and creative process. Because it is a high cost process, attention to the most important details should be paid. The most important details here are determined by the production company, the screenwriter and the Director company and the company that will shoot the advertising film. When creating a movie idea, the profile taken from the company is very important. The screenwriter must understand the company's target audience, advertising goals, and prepare an extraordinary plan together with company officials.

Apart from the script, it is also extremely important to work with the right director, photographer and actors.

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