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Can We Trust eCommerce?

Sometimes it is difficult to establish a bond of trust between customers and service providers. However, many sites have a certain recognition, a brand and a large customer base, so it does not want to tarnish this situation. The brands that have pinned this incident to the top of the issue are mutually endorsing the remote electronic service agreement in order to prevent its spread by adopting the principle of storing personal data and payment information.

Here, the customer accepts what he/she accepts by seeing the terms of the other party himself/herself. Most eCommerce companies have also created a cargo tracking system so that the customers who place their orders no longer have a question mark in their mind. From the moment it is delivered to the cargo, it has become a matter of comforting people to have the authority to follow it until it arrives at the address. The inventory status, material, size or other detailed information of the products provides a direct and clear idea to have a prior idea about the product. If the mass of customers who have mastered all this and want to match the accuracy of the content, encounter an event as expected, the other party will have met the expectation correctly and will have the instinct to continue to shop from this site where it is logical and satisfied.

While many sites that have proven themselves to be trusted have no problems with this issue, it does pose a question mark for some eCommerce users who are new or have not made their name widely publicized.

And how is it secured?

In fact, it proceeds in a very simple way: people who are satisfied with the product they buy, the advice and trust that they will give to their environment, eCommerce people or institutions are absolutely predictable. So which customers gain the real trust? Complaining, dissatisfied consumers. If the product is received, replaced or returned, customer satisfaction is more secure than is thought. Whether the seller is behind the product or how the customer’s attitude after the complaint order and thus can measure and weigh according to itself.

The problem of trust is a big problem for almost every person in our age. The reason: many people who are scammers or opportunists are approaching all eCommerce firms with a bad impression, burning age alongside the exchange rate. We say shop from secure sites but often we don’t know which site is how reliable it is. ‘Will my credit card information be stolen? what if the amount to be withdrawn is more than the limit?”As many questions, in today’s conditions, are the problems that go through every person’s mind.

First of all, I can tell you that the site gives you a little bit of information with a classic but most reliable tip. a phrase like ”https://” is at the beginning of the site and you need to check if the site has any information about the SSL certificate. While the URL is always a small point to check, it can protect you from many negatives. The presence of a 3D Secure system for payment is the clearest indication and an identity of the counter party’s security. This system says the user must give their phone a check for a credit card and writes the amount in a specified way. Most sites can search the internet and collect information about the site’s users, even if they are suspected by the first users. He somehow fills the trust quota by writing to the search engine many things that might be stuck in his mind, such as satisfaction rating, types of complaints, returns of the seller.

Search engines not only do satisfaction research, but many users do price research, so they have the opportunity to review competing companies. Sometimes it is a customer group that determines the order of reliability according to itself, but sometimes it is also able to shop from the sites that it hears its name most, which can advertise very well.

Since the brand announced its name is ‘not going to make a mistake for a customer’, shoppers from the best brands are of course available according to its budget. Brands that have announced their name are able to complete their business successfully, having the basic infrastructure that has provided the trust on many people. As a true founder of the site, the real owner of the business in eCommerce has taken many positive and negative turns from the opposite side by appealing to a myriad of customers and has been able to overcome all the negativity. The most negative issue, however, is that there are a few other elements, though it may seem like direct trust. So, this means the following; we’re talking about the extra prices that come up later, which can be seen as insignificant, which could damage the trust of the buyer. Many customers want to buy the product with the price they see, plus the added pricing, that product to stop buying and even if the product added to the basket, may cause the site to leave. It’s a sad way to end this acquired success with loss.

Stamp of trust in eCommerce owners!

The Trust Stamp is a method of ensuring the availability of sites to new Sunday and new customers. It has been created to establish reliability in addition to service quality in eCommerce. Because the customer can not provide face-to-face communication with the seller and because of the distance between the element of trust comes to the fore more.

eCommerce system, which offers the opportunity to exchange without seeing each other, has been looking for ways to deal with the trust problem, one of the main problems it faced in the early years. If we say why eCommerce is not used in Turkey or why it has so few statistics compared to other countries, the problem of trust in payment comes first and we may be more abstaining considering the difficulties of sales returns and complaints.

Today, with the trust stamp system, many customers can relax on many issues. By ensuring the protection of the rights of the consumer, audits will be carried out to ensure the storage of personal data, the creation of a database and, of course, to act appropriately on the payment system. This trust stamp is the fastest solution to problems with the online question and complaint system, as it can prevent information leaking to detect vulnerabilities, and thanks to the trust stamp provider.

What points can we pay attention to in eCommerce? How do we maintain trust?

eCommerce owners want their customers to be satisfied, of course, and constantly. This trading system is not very different from normal trading; except for a few points that we have to pay attention to, in fact, it is very convenient and very preferable. The number of online shoppers is increasing day by day, but the first question that comes to the mind of each new customer is: ‘my information will come into someone else’s hands’. Today, firewalls of hardware or software systems are aimed at protecting online shopping sites from various viruses. This type of Firewall prevents suspicious files from being transferred to another location. eCommerce owners need to use firewalls to the maximum extent.

If you have the above mentioned SSL certificate, your information such as credit card can not be placed under the protection of someone else. We have to pay attention to this situation first. If the service provider wants your credit card password from you, you definitely need to stop and think about it and be sure at this point that it is not safe. eCommerce sites that care about their real and corporate identity do not demand such a thing. In addition: commercial titles and contact information of Online sites must be shared.

A phone is simply required to check whether an eCommerce site shares its e-mail address and location. The warranty certificate or invoice must be stored and used when necessary because everyone who has these documents owns all consumer rights, including online purchases. If we have checked and obtained information about how a site started, if we have the required certificate, and if we did a little research about the site and found experienced people who did not have problems about its reliability, there is no problem to prevent the cargo coming to our feet.

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