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New developments continue for Bitcoin, which has spent the past week calm. These developments are very important for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. What is expected in the new process for Bitcoin’s position as a digital currency in the digitized world is also among the issues that BTC investors are particularly curious about? As you know, Bitcoin has its own stock exchange, just like the other Dollar, Euro, and gold exchanges. Investors follow the ups and downs of this stock market, with the goal of making gains accordingly. The Bitcoin system, which is different from the Normal bank system, operates entirely virtual. As a result of growing demand in different parts of the world, it is seen as a rival of the state and the banks. One of the states and countries that oppose it is the United States. Donald Trump shared his idea for Bitcoin. What did he say in his statements? Has he banned bitcoin? Here are the answers to all of these and similar questions that you are curious about. Here are the details for you…

It is possible to mention cryptocurrencies briefly before giving details of the news. The world is now going digital on a global scale. This digital environment continues to appeal to every sector and to engage sectors. We can express that money and the banking system are also involved in the digital world. Digital currencies that address the digitized world are generally called cryptocurrencies. The most reliable and most widely distributed cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Although the outlook of the states for Bitcoin is generally not very hot, its investors seem to be very happy with the situation.

Trump; Intolerant Of Bitcoin!

Donald Trump has expressed his intolerance for favoring Bitcoin. The survey found that 47% of people now trust Bitcoin more than banks. It would not be wrong to say that increasing demand is in the same situation in the United States. Since banks are also the building blocks of states and feed the system directly, countries and advocates of the banking system do not prefer Bitcoin or even make statements that it is highly insecure.

The issue of digitizing money and payments will be treated as a virtual hearing by the U.S. Senate Banking Committee this week, expected to take place on Tuesday. This meeting is also important for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Although Donald Trump doesn’t think it’s right for people to turn to BTC investments, neither is banning Bitcoin out of the question at the moment.

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