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Recent research by cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges Zubr shows that bitcoin’s Daily Mining Supply will not be able to cope with the demand for BTC in 2028.

The small investor continues to insist on bitcoin demand, and if that’s the case there could be a serious supply shock at BTC after the next two awards split. The number of bitcoins issued daily will fall below daily buyer demand, according to research by cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Zubr.

ZUBR assessed the figures provided by blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis and conducted an investigation into where bitcoin market demand might be after 8 years. According to the study, in halving in 2024, when BTC’s daily supply drops from 900 to 450, potential retail investors at the time will be able to consume 50 percent of that.

“BTC backlog is not new”

“Determining the price of Bitcoin while some are looking at mining or network use is not an easy task, ” the company’s report on the matter said. But the reality here is that the retail investor will continue to buy more BTC,” he explained.

So the firm notes that the retail investor will continue to buy Bitcoin, which is also known to be a new case of mass BTC backlog.

The number of addresses holding 1-10 BTC is increasing

But ZUBR backs up its claim with data from Chainalysis showing the number of addresses holding bitcoin in amounts between 1 and 10 BTC. Addresses in this category have recorded only five negative monthly growth since 2011, while each month afterward, the number of addresses with those amounts increased, growing 11 percent this year alone.

It will pass daily issued BTC in 2028

The cumulative value of these addresses reached $5 billion in June of this year, according to the report. If that demand continues and grows as Zubr expects, it will replace the amount of bitcoin issued daily by 2028.

Zubr researchers believe that the halving effects at the time, the decrease in supply, and the upward spurt in demand, will bring huge changes for BTC.

Supply shock pushes up the price

As an example, while the effects of the outbreak were experienced, major changes were noted underneath. Supply disruptions, transportation delays, the price gap between buying and selling occurred. But that doesn’t seem possible in Bitcoin. At BTC, the supply shock pushes up the price. In addition, the delay in transportation is also not experienced because it is transmitted electronically.

‘The Holders is nowhere else!

Along with all this, Bitcoin’s so-called ‘holder’, which continues to hold its BTC regardless of market conditions, also distinguishes itself from other asset investors. BTC is currently in its infancy relative to the gold or equity market but that mass makes it one of the biggest value retention tools at the moment.

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