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Macroeconomist Henrik Zeberg recently shared a new post on Bitcoin and said the price could rise.

Henrik Zeberg has come up with bearish remarks he has made about the price of Bitcoin in recent months. Zeberg, who uses the Elliot Wave Theory, said the price of Bitcoin could fall as low as $2K in July.

Zeberg estimates that Bitcoin will fall below $2m this summer, followed by a gradual rise. Zeberg predicted that BTC could raise up to $90k as a result of his analysis. But he has now begun to make some improvements in his predictions.

May Rise

Henrik Zeberg recently shared a graphic on his Twitter account, saying the price of Bitcoin could rise. It is surprising that zeberg made such an estimate because, itself, BTC was supposed to be going below some pre-set levels by now and stretching back towards $2 thousand.

Stressing that bitcoin has not yet fallen below said levels and that support points are still in place, Zeberg says the process to reduce BTC by up to $ 2m has not yet been triggered.

Just because zeberg makes such a prediction doesn’t mean he’s completely bullish. He said there was no bullish yet, but that the price could rise if BTC stayed above the relevant support levels.

Although the famous economist made some improvements to his forecasts a few weeks ago, for now, there is no radical change. Because Zeberg thinks Bitcoin will still lose value, the cryptocurrency market will have a downturn again.

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