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a Bitcoin whale sent 10,250 BTC with a $1 transaction fee.

An anonymous bitcoin whale transferred part of its reserve to another unknown wallet, raising the fears of cryptocurrency investors during that time, according to data quoted by Whale Alert. A total of 10,250 Bitcoins, about $95 million of which was transferred, were charged a comical transaction fee of just $1

Bitcoin Is Superior To Traditional Banking System

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are often criticized by the traditional banking system, but this transaction fee actually shows how superior cryptocurrency technology is to traditional technologies. When bitcoin whales trade like this, there are usually serious changes in price in the days ahead.

Whales trading among unknown wallets to sell large amounts of Bitcoin and on over-the-counter exchanges have become more visible in recent days. About 1 week ago, a bitcoin whale was seen trading at 101,857 Bitcoins — 900 million dollars — according to that day’s price data. In the immediate aftermath, another $200 million of 21,800 Bitcoins were transferred.

The fact that the price of Bitcoin has been stagnant for a long time, and the increased movements of Bitcoin whales, certainly signals that a big change could happen soon. The fact that this change is toward $10,000 could lead to a new bull season coming up.

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