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Bitcoin, the highest-volume unit in the cryptocurrency markets, also reached $11,005.84 on a new day, following a rapid recovery, and the $10K limit it exceeded again on Monday. While Bitcoin held at 9,530.99 on July 28, 2019, it saw its peak this year at $10,380.03 on February 13 and its dip at $5,140.75 on March 12.

The volume of 24-hour trading in cryptocurrency markets has climbed from $92.3 billion to $118.55 billion in the past 24 hours. 49 of the 100 largest units declined during this time, while 3 of the top 10 units were among those that declined.

With these developments, bitcoin’s market volume, which rose 7.67 percent to $11,005.84 in the past 24 hours, also exceeded $200 billion to $202.99 billion.

A total of 5,807 cryptocurrencies were traded in 23,886 markets, the last 24 hours trading volume increased to $118.55 billion, while the total market volume was calculated as $ 322.43 billion. Bitcoin accounted for 62.9 percent of the total market volume.

Changes in the 10 highest volume cryptocurrencies:

  1. Bitcoin rose 7.67 percent to $ 11,005.84,
  2. Ethereum down 1.44 percent to $ 319.89,
  3. Tether down 0.05 percent to $ 1.00,
  4. XRP up 2.75 percent to $ 0.22,
  5. Bitcoin Cash up 8.91 percent to $ 273.84,
  6. Bitcoin SV rose 7.90 percent to $ 210.06,
  7. Cardano down 1.82 per cent to $ 0.13,
  8. Litecoin rose 9.22 percent to $ 53.36
  9. Coin rose 4.40 percent to $ 0.16,
  10. The Binance Coin was trading at $ 20.09, up 4.47 percent.

The results of the “cryptocurrency awareness and Perception Survey” conducted by Akademetre research company on behalf of the digital asset trading platform Paribu revealed important data on the cryptocurrency sector.

The findings of the study are listed as follows::

  •  34 percent of respondents rely on cryptocurrencies.
  •  Representatives of Generation Y with 68.7 percent of the most traders.
  •  Cryptocurrency investments increase as education levels increase. 87.3 percent of cryptocurrencies are high school and university graduates.
  •  75.3 percent of cryptocurrencies are paid, employees.
  •  While the proportion of men and women who have heard of cryptocurrency is very close, one in five people who have traded is female.
  • Multiple responses to the question of what purpose cryptocurrency is used are as follows::

Investment (58.4 percent)

Buy-to-sell transactions (57.7 per cent))

Money transfer (29.9 percent)

– Users prefer cryptocurrency because it is based on technology (48.3 percent), followed by “curiosity” (47 percent) and “high return expectation” (24 percent).

Internet Research (33.3 percent) and social media (17.7 percent) are the top two in the cryptocurrency information source preference.

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