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The whales surfaced as leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) tried to build momentum above $11,000. A giant bitcoin (BTC) whale has emptied one of the richest crypto wallets in existence.

An unknown bitcoin whale transferred a total of 15,022 BTC, worth $166.2 million, into three separate wallets for just 91 cents. Most of the BTC, some 14,442 BTC, worth more than $156 million, was transferred to a single wallet. According to blockchain analysis platform BitInfoCharts, the address that sends cryptocurrencies is the 45th richest in the Bitcoin book. that was the address.

According to experts, these Bitcoins could belong to an exchange, retention provider, or an institution. However, none of the addresses in question are known to be connected to any company in the cryptocurrency industry. The BTC whale could also be an early cryptocurrency investor who trades over-the-counter BTC or registers its assets at new addresses for security and maintenance purposes.

Here are the whales that have been carrying huge amounts of cryptocurrencies in recent days

The mysterious Bitcoin owner isn’t the only whale carrying huge amounts of cryptocurrency. Whale Alert followed 15 bitcoin transfers of at least 1,000 BTC on Monday. Five of those transfers appear to be linked to the hacking incident of the pioneering crypto exchange Bitfinex. The cyber-thieves involved in the hacking incident carried 2,500 BTC, worth $ 27 million, in nine separate transactions.

Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin is trading at $11,120, up 3 percent at the time of writing. Cryptocurrencies ‘ flagship currently has a market capitalization of $ 205.2 billion. Bitcoin has managed a recent 24-hour trading volume of $ 26.4 billion with a market value at the time of the spelling.

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