Who we are

Papel trading platform. Rapidly growing in Europe and Asia, Papel currently offers its portfolio of over 1000 instruments to more than one million customers.

Our vision

Papel has formed a well-positioned, strong foundation to ensure future growth. Papel attaches importance to differentiating its strategic priorities. For this reason, our goal is to enable people to exchange crypto money easily and differently.

Our Goals

1. Facilitating Crypto Money Access

Our main goal is to provide our customers access to cryptocurrency exchange easily and differently.

2. Satisfaction of Our Active Customers and Continuity of Acquiring New Customers

Papel's way of marketing itself, the growth of new customers in existing markets and potential new jurisdictions, have been difficult to grow behind and will continue to build.

These innovative marketing initiatives enable tracking and control of customer acquisition spending based on Papel data analysis tools and special algorithms, using target marketing resources and developing highly effective marketing campaigns.

3. To increase the transaction volume of Active Customers in the Trading Platform

Papel continuous innovation, best-in-class user experience and broad product delivery are key elements of active customers' increased activity on the trading platform Papel's continued emphasis on innovation is among the first markets to launch new tools such as high-profile stocks, as customers wish. It will provide.

Increasing the Market Share in Existing Regions and Expanding to New Regions

Papel aims to increase its market share in the jurisdictions where the offer is available and to expand its geographic reach over time by entering new regions that do not currently have customers and focusing especially on acquiring new customers from these countries.

4. Maintaining Leadership in the Field of Innovation, Research and Development (R&D)

Since its foundation, Papel has prioritized its technological superiority and innovation continuity. The company understands the need to develop and use new and innovative financial instruments as part of its strategy to continue building a loyal and connected customer base.

Papel aims to be the industry leader in mobile innovation and customer satisfaction in its sector.

5. Continue to optimize our business model to further improve financial performance

Ongoing investment and development in the market will enable Papel to further increase its ability to acquire new customers in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Papel allows the markets to be opened to new geographies without the need for a physical asset, which keeps the capital necessary to increase its geographical reach.

Our Mission

Papel strives to be the # 1 global cryptocurrency provider while continuing to pioneer in technology and innovation, maintaining new and existing customers, and giving every customer the ability to effectively trade any financial product worldwide, including: Shares , ETFs, Indices, Commodities and Currencies.

Papel is a very wealthy trading platform. Our broad coverage includes UK, US, European and Asian exchanges.

We have established strong executive relationships with many of the international banks to provide our customers with the optimum trading platform. These relationships offer our growing customers the benefits of having better prices and better practices. Customers can also connect to our trading platform on multiple devices, from PC to Mac, iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets.

Papel believes that;

Transparency - We clearly show our customers what they get and what they pay for.

Professionalism - Our product is designed with advanced security that ensures safe and uninterrupted trading.

Human Side - Papel, which has thousands of members, is run by a dynamic group of programmers. Trust yourself, don't change your behavior and keep moving forward.

Communication with Customers and Undesirable Approaches

In order to contact Papel, customers need to fill in the form on the "Contact" page. Following the submission of the Request Form, Papel's reply will be emailed directly to the customer's email address specified in the Request Form.

Only emails from the domain of papel.cy are Papel's legal email communications. Other emails claiming to be Papel are considered fraudulent.

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DESTEK E-MAIL: info@papel.cy