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01 Remarketing


In a simple way, after tagging people who visit the site, it can be defined as encountering promotions and ads of the other site on all other sites they visit. Users who leave the promoted site with this service content can be allowed to return to the site again. In this type of marketing, users can be reached through factors such as e-mail, SMS or push notification.


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02 Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, also known as effective marketing, is a digital marketing method performed through social media accounts. In this marketing method, which can be realized through social media networks that can reach large audiences, natural strategies must be created. Influencers can be expressed through different concepts.


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Admob Advertising

Admob advertising increases the value of each impression by combining global advertiser demands, different and advanced applications and earning technology.


E-marketing is the process of sending messages with information or similar content that certain markets, institutions or companies have made in order to reach their target audience.

Television Advertising

Television advertising is the use of different types of advertising filmed for broadcast on brands' tv channels.

Content Marketing

Although content marketing is a developing sector, it is especially on the agenda as a service that large brands prefer to promote themselves and deliver their services to their audience of users in a quality way.

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What Is Digital Marketing?

Thanks to the growth of technology and the rapid increase in the usage rate of social networks, old and traditional marketing methods have been left behind. Many organizations and users have been able to reach tons of target users with low-cost thanks to advertisements created over the internet.

This marketing technique exceeds the classical marketing methods. The internet and technology world gained much importance in the 21st century. Nowadays it is the leading marketing style in many countries. Digital marketing uses the product taken from the internet, social media, etc. It is aimed to introduce the product to the target audience and the user by using networks and to transport it. It can gain positive momentum in its growth by showing itself not only with the target audience but also in different brand areas.

Digital Marketing Impacts

Digital marketing, a new generation marketing technique, is used widely in mobile applications, social media content, youtube, dictionaries, etc. It can be used in all fields dominated by technology. These advertisements, which users often encounter on the Internet, are one of the examples of digital marketing.

What Are The Uses Of Digital Marketing?

Still, If we do not look at the advertisements included in today's social media and internet usage under our request, the influence of advertisements has a high impact on users. The human brain can subconsciously process every moment of the advertisements it accords with, exciting advertisements in the minds of even users who have nothing to do with advertising. This effect is one of the most important benefits of digital marketing because people can find themselves in shopping.

Why Digital Marketing Is Preferred?

People in daily life work, sports, entertainment, etc. They're ending the day with various activities. Digital marketing can be said to begin at this point. The biggest place is turning as a time saver. People can make their purchases digitally instead of going to the stores in any need, request, and necessary shopping situations.

Providing this exchange from digital media in an emergency or during the trip provides two-way gains. Another benefit is the individual store, etc. instead of searching for product types in areas, it can easily reach millions of product types in a digital environment.

Digital Marketing Techniques

Digital marketing should be done according to specific planning and design. One of the most significant parts is that it is required to reach the right target audience and focus on the most profitable areas. Digital marketing should be done in line with professional, expert people, and teams, because digital marketing professionals know which techniques to be applied will ensure target success and provide applications along the way. So you can get the needed professional assistance from digital marketing agencies, digital marketing experts.

What Does Digital Marketing Cover?
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Content Marketing and Automation
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Data-Based Marketing
  • eCommerce Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing and Optimization
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Display of Advertising Marketing
  • E-Books, Mobile Apps and Games
  • Non-Internet Marketing for Smartphones (SMS, MMS, Calls)
  • Online Behavioral Advertising
  • Re-Marketing
  • Sales Partnerships (Affiliate Marketing)
  • Mobile Marketing
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